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"Medea" from Almaty goes to Atyrau

2 June 2023

The theater world of Kazakhstan is preparing for an important event in the near future in the west of the country. More precisely, from June 7 to 10, 2023, Atyrau will become the main stage for the Chapay Zulhash the 1st Republican Festival-Forum of directors and scenographers. This interesting and unusual event is organized by the Kazakh Regional Academic Drama Theater named after Makhambet Utemisov.

Various theater groups from all over Kazakhstan take part in the Festival-Forum, and one of them is the state puppet theater of Almaty. The creative team of the above-mentioned theater is going to present to the audience of the festival the play "Medea" for adults. This work, written by the famous ancient Greek playwright Euripides, touches on the eternal themes of love, revenge and human suffering. The main character of the play named Medea, unable to bear the betrayal and betrayal of her beloved man, plots a monstrous conspiracy against her own children.

The director of the play, Aydin Salban, together with the artist Altynai Zhusupali, was able to create an innovative interpretation of the ancient tragedy using interesting puppets, deepening and deepening the story of Medea in a new way. We hope that this performance, which will take place on June 9 at 11:00 on the stage of the Makhambet Drama Theater, will give the audience a deep emotional experience. Participation in this important event increases the prestige of the Almaty state puppet theater and the level of artistic quality.