Ертегілер әлеміне құштар, ізгілікке сенетін кез келген адам Қуыршақ театрының билеттерін алуға асығады. Мұнда адамның жасына қатысты шектеу жоқ. Театрға келуші әр қойылымнан өзі іздеген жан тыныштығын табады, ерекше көңіл күйге бөленеді! Балалар әлемі ең көңілді, ең шынайы әлем! Ал қоғам осындай тазалыққа құштар!


The Danish fairy writes Anderson`s about small peace-loving girl, size of pinky, developed in flowers. Heroine of the fairy, who brought geveral fayiry, from evit enemies rescuco sunish in mate word – she beautiful elves. submission feeling his training inspires small viewers into the word magic.
Mother and child ... How many centuries would not have passed, but the key of life lies precisely in the concepts of these values. They depend on each other - the mother from her child, the child from the mother. But, how do we perceive these concepts in our time? The people have a notion: no matter how many sacred places we have not avoided from the mother, we are nevertheless in great debt to her. Everyone has his own holiness towards his mother. And how does the current youth perceive the relationship with their mother? What are they thinking about? We are looking for answers to these questions in the play «Mother's Heart». And you make the decision yourself, the decision that will give you your HEART.
African Forest. The king of all kings is a lion - he fell ill in ridiculous circumstances. The parrot informed everyone that the lion fell ill. The cause of the disease is fear! Africa - upside down! Why not imagine yourself a king? And still, in the end, everyone recognizes that without a real king - the Lion, in the jungle - chaos and disorder. It's decided to treat lion fear! The play is cheerful, bright. The action takes place not only on the stage, but also in the auditorium. Small viewers become assistants and accomplices in action.
Pinocchio is a kind, simple, naughty boy made of wood. This is a fairy tale of children of all time. Based on the fairy tale, Pinocchio has various experiences in his path, distinguishing between good and evil, comes to mind and becomes a reliable friend and strong defender of his friends and papa Carlo.

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